I’m Zucca,

a web developer and data analyst.

What's Zucca like?

Astute, cooperative, and fast learner.
I joined an e-commerce start-up as the fourth member and have helped the team grow to over 100 members. My sharp insight and decision-making backed by data drove this growth. As the service has grown, I have quickly acquired several new pieces of knowledge and have led many cross-team projects.


Web development

  • Developed several web applications using Python.
  • Hands-on experience in requirements definition and progress management.
  • Master's in Bioinformatics(Biology + Information science).

Data Analysis

  • Conducted data collection(SQL, Google Analytics, APIs), cleaning(Python, Pnadas), visualization, and reporting for web analysis, user analysis, market research, and competitive research.
  • Collaborated with cross-departmental stakeholders to plan data-driven promotional activities and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Established monitoring systems for marketing promotions, SEO, and corporate KPIs including sales, account numbers, churn rates, etc.


  • Led marketing campaigns for customer acquisition, CRM, SEO, email marketing, and AB testing.
  • Designed and wrote content for owned media and email marketing.
  • Planned and facilitated seminars for online and offline customers.



  • Development of web applications using flask.
  • Data analysis using Pandas.
  • Data collection using APIs.


  • Data collection using SQL.
  • Database design for small web application projects.


  • Creating web applications from scratch using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.
  • HTML coding for email marketing.
  • Practical experience in modifying HTML for web content.


Kids Weather
Kids Weather

A super simple weather forecast for little kids who don't read words.
With this app, children can find out the weather and proper clothing for the day with icons. We don't have to tell them what to wear every morning anymore.

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C$50 Finance
C$50 Finance

C$50 Finance is a demo application for stock trading.
You can check the real-time stock prices provided by IEX. It allows you to buy new stocks or sell the ones you have.

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